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The First One.

Barbara Elise Herter

My grandma’s health was declining and we knew that her time was nearing its end, so we went to see her in Naples, Florida this weekend. Mom and Dad plus Andrew and Caitlin’s families arrived on Thursday and had early-bird dinner with her on Friday, but we got in around 1:30 that night and missed what turned out to be her last meal. She died that night and I never saw her.

I loved visiting her in Florida growing up (great candy dish) and she would make the trip up to Boston or Cape Cod in the Summer regularly until a few years ago. Every time I saw her, I learned a little more about her history and was always amazed to hear snippets of her life from before I was born and even before my mom was born. She always seemed so incredibly old to me but she never acted like it. She had been through so many different phases in her life and described everything with a vigor of experience that I can only now begin to understand with the birth of my own children. She was witty, clever, friendly and loving; in short, a perfect grandma.

Over the past few years, I am told, she began to lose touch with reality and suffered from classic elderly dementia, forgetting names, faces, places, and her own sense of self. It was a sad and lonely period in her life and one that scares me deeply. This phase of her life and subsequent end is a haunting reminder that consciousness is our greatest gift and one that is absolutely, temporally limited. My memories of her stretch back as far as I can remember, to the earliest days of my awareness, and one day they, too, will cease to exist. All I can hope for is that someone (Ivy’s and Miles’ kids!) remembers me as sweetly as I remember her.

With eternal love, goodbye grandma.


I remember exactly where I was when I read a tweet stating that Bernie Sanders was entering the presidential election; I was actually so overwhelmed with political pride and hope that I cried. Bernie has been my favorite politician for years: an independent renegade who actually takes principled stands on issues that matter to me.  His honesty and integrity in the House and Senate have always been inspiring and he is clearly guided by values that reflect my own. In short, he is a hero of mine and by announcing his candidacy, he instantly changed my outlook on the possibilities of presidential power. 

I immediately donated $10 then proceeded to read every piece of press on the matter that I could find, all of which were brief and somewhat dismissive. He was not considered a legitimate contender in any way, and as I began to talk with friends and family about it, the response was always the same: he would be great but it’s not gonna happen. I refused to accept this conventional wisdom; if people knew what he stood for they, too, would be moved to challenge their perceptions of American politics. In a time when we generally accept the status quo of monied interests pulling strings for financial gain, Bernie stands as a beacon of democracy, demanding that our government work for the people and leading by example, refusing to accept campaign financing that would compromise his independent integrity. 

Last night, I followed the Iowa caucuses in the media and could not have been more proud of the Bernie backers standing up to the machine and equalling Clinton’s numbers. It is the first of fifty fights, and if nothing else it has shown that what some dismissed as impossible may, in fact, be quite plausible, reasonable and necessary.

Dream with me now, about a political revolution that reunites our government with the will of the people, ignited by the people and pursued for the people, embodied by one man simply determined to improve life on earth in every possible way. I am grateful and excited to endorse Bernie Sanders for President!

Six Weeks

Miles joined us 6 weeks ago and it has been a wild and wonderful ride. Although we went through this process with Ivy 2 1/2 years ago, I seem to have forgotten (or blocked) how intense it is. Constant awareness is required and needs must be promptly satisfied or the abyss awaits! Most of the time he is a fantastic baby, quietly eating, sleeping, or chilling, but occasionally, he demands full attention with his primal siren scream — a hideous wailing frequency that heightens the urgency of any request taking longer than a couple of seconds to complete. It is pure survival instinct and it is always enough to pump my blood faster and seek an IMMEDIATE solution. It is challenging and frustrating at times, but I know that we will find a rhythm and that living with this small creature will get easier and more fun as he grows. I have moments of wondering about the mystery of his future, what interests and callings he will follow, and how his path will evolve… I am so excited to share the values and passions I have established in my time, while giving him as many opportunities to find his own meaning in the infinite possibilities of life!


Who are you Miles Acadia Taylor???


Miles Acadia Taylor

My son is born! In LDR 4 at Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn on December 8, 2015 at 10:03, Alaina brought Miles into life. Through an act of courage, strength and love, she nurtured him into existence. There is nothing mankind has ever created or accomplished that can equal the beautiful and heroic act of creating, growing and birthing a baby, performed by every mother on the planet for every single person. The dads have a small part in the beginning (which I thoroughly enjoyed!), and hopefully more once the umbilical cord is cut (which I had the honor of doing!), but carrying and laboring a child is unfathomably difficult and absolutely vital. Miles may never comprehend or completely appreciate what his mom endured for his development from nothing to everything, but I will always be infinitely grateful and worship her sacrifice and dedication in the name of life and love. I hope that over the course of his lifetime, I can offer even a tiny fraction of the support he received in the womb straight from his mother’s heart. He has already touched me with pure and eternal love and I want to give it all back to him as the best dad he could possibly imagine. It’s a beautiful life and I am so incredibly lucky and excited to share it with Miles!


Looming and Reminiscing Excitement

We are approaching Due Day here, with a baby arrival sometime in the next three weeks. The anticipation is growing while the drama and mystery of when it will begin is becoming more real every day. Alaina is feeling aches and pains that I can not imagine and will soon go through one of the most intense physical human experiences. All I can do is watch helplessly and offer sympathy. She is the bravest hero I know and is doing it all for Love.

Despite the imminent appearance of the newest Taylor, I risked a jaunt out to The Meadowlands to see the Patriots-Giants game on Sunday. I was blessed by a last-minute ticket offer and could not possibly have picked a better game. It was an epic matchup; two teams with a history of amazing championship fights and this contest lived up to the billing, with plenty of long drives and lead changes. In the end, Stephen Gostkowski nailed a 54-yard FG to win by 1 and I was ecstatic and elated. Although my outward celebration was tempered out of respect to the mob of Giants fans surrounding me, I was as thrilled inside as I could possibly be from watching such a savage battle. The Pats are now 9-0 and chasing their ghost…

One day at a time.

Labor Day

What a Summer for this guy! I currently sit in one of my favorite spots in the known universe: Eventide Cabin on Mt. Desert Island. Acadia is a personal paradise and spending time here with my wife, child and parents is very high on my who/what/where triangulation rankings.

I have been consistently scoring very well this Summer, packed with fantastic weekends around the Northeast: The Land, Bellport, Osterville, Vermont, Maine, and even a few in Brooklyn; Ivy and I rolled all over town on my bike and explored beaches and amusement parks (Coney Island!), swimming pools and water playgrounds (Sunset Park! Brooklyn Bridge Park!), sports events (Cyclones! NYCFC! US Open!), concerts (Prospect Park!) and celebrated her birthday with a backyard BBQ bash. I have enjoyed freedom from work over the past three months and have spent it with my daughter as well as I could. She may not remember our adventures, but I had so many experiences with her that I will never forget! Alaina and I spent every weekend together, which never happened when she worked in theater, and we had two incredible theater date nights, seeing Cymbeline in Central Park and Hamilton on Broadway, the latter of which set a new gold standard for me; simply the most exciting theatrical experience of my life. I also played a round on the best golf course I have ever seen at Fishers Island and are at my new favorite restaurant, The Honey Paw in Portland, established by my awesomely talented brother. 

And now I sit overlooking Frenchman’s Bay in one of my most tranquil moments of the Summer (Ivy is napping!) and reminiscing on time passed and time ahead: Labor Day weekend is always bittersweet as my return to labor is imminent. I have great work to go back to, but I will definitely miss my freedom and days of Ivy. We’re on to Fall!




















Three Months Pass Fast

Wow. Since my last post 88 days ago, written in a moment of great leisure on vacation in Barcelona, I have been through a vortex of time and space. It has been a wonderful but somewhat delirious 3 months of my life and I have had zero seconds to compose an account of it, which I will finally do here and now, sitting in my new studio in my new home with free time that I now have since school ended last week. Things are different now: Alaina is pregnant again and we moved into an amazing home in Kensington, Brooklyn. The move has been a dominant daily feature in my life for most of the past three months and will continue to be, in some way, for years. The boxes and home improvement projects are endless and I can think of a few that are calling my name right now, but I need to make me time too.


School has been another major black hole of time. I had the pleasure of teaching every student in the school, Nursery to 4th Grade, this year and I loved it. It was a challenge with great rewards, as I learned from and was inspired by each student. I have been teaching music for 13 years and almost all of it has been with kids under 5. I was working with kids up to 11 this year and I am so impressed by the skills and passion they are bringing to music. I was interacting with some phenomenally talented children, whose instrumental abilities are infinitely beyond what mine were at that age and who demonstrate unadulterated excitement for all aspects of music. It has really been one of the most interesting and fun work experiences I have ever had and I will miss it next year when the esteemed Ms. Nelson returns from sabbatical and resumes her position. While I will miss the job, I won’t miss the long hours, typically 10 hour days, that I’ve been working over the past year. I would love to have more time to spend with Alaina, Ivy and the incoming baby, as well as a few more hours per week to make my music and maybe write about how great my life is. This blog has, I realize, just become insufferable gloating about my awesome life, but I can’t help it. I feel so lucky to have great people, homes, vacations and sports teams in my life and I need to express my gratitude somehow.

Ivy is really fun. She talks a lot and some of it is indecipherable, but when she can communicate a food or activity preference or a song request (we have listened to Bop To The Top and Let It Go hundreds of times in the past three months) I am truly amazed at her growing ability to shape her life experience and fascinated by the choices she makes. The one aspect of Summer break I am looking forward to the most is not traveling or composing music or visiting friends and family, but simply spending five days a week with her. She is joyful and always learning and exploring, teaching me about basic survival and a world of wonder. I feel my Love expanding every day and I look forward to sharing my life with another baby soon!





From The Place I Am Sitting

On a balcony, overlooking the Calle in Barcelona, I am thoroughly enjoying my amazing European vacation. There is a vibrant street life and I am listening to unfamiliar languages and seeing a larger humanity in a longer time-frame; Ancient Traditions and Relics with Futuristic Thought and Style.


Two days ago, I found myself at Camp Nou, where local heroes FC Barcelona were taking on Manchester City in a Champions League match. I couldn’t have been further away from the pitch in the 99,000 seat stadium, but it was one of the most exciting sports experiences of my life. It was all about the match; everyone was there to watch the action. After the quick initial fanfare, it was 90 minutes of pure sport. A Competitive Focus and Flow that evades most forms of athletics. The one tiny concession stand only sold hotdogs, didn’t sell beer and was, it seemed, only for tourists; at halftime, the locals pulled out homemade baguette sandwiches. During action, the crowd attention was intense. I had a wonderful running commentary in Catalan next to me, which I am sure was exactly what I was thinking but in a language I don’t understand. At one point, I was chastised by a fan behind me for jumping out of my seat too soon on a Neymar breakaway and my American arsenal of sports cheering was useless: I quickly learned that whistling is reserved for bad or missed calls and the typical two-note taunt that we blast at opposing players is highest praise reserved for the revered one: Messi.

In a Barca 1 – 0 victory, the lone goal was a gorgeous looping volley over the keeper on a perfect 40 yard assist by the Great Lionel Messi. I have seen many great athletes in many sports, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a player so obviously on such a different level as everyone else in the game. He controls the ball deftly and makes others miss it comically. He is a wizard.


The past 48 hours in this city have been exciting and refreshing, and I look forward to another 36 before departing on an overland journey through the Pyrenees to Borde Neuve, France, where we will bask in the stunning vineyard scenery and drink pure wine. I am already reminiscing about the first 96 hours, spent with Great G and Grand in Sydling St. Nicholas, England, with the absolutely incredible Buckland family. This vacation is so unreal and beautiful it seems like a fantasy, but sitting on this balcony overlooking Spanish culture, I know that it is just the lovely life I lead! Of course, no matter where we are, the best aspect of vacation is spending all of my time with Amazing Alaina and Incredible Ivy; I am so blessed to be able to love these two and share their company around the world!