The Patterson Brothers

I teach Adam and Michael Patterson (ages six and nine) and they rock! Here is a video we made this week. Look out, Brotnick!



Compound Error

The worst sort of mistakes are the ones you make because you made an earlier mistake. And worse yet are ones you make on top of those. I call these compound errors and I desperately try to stop myself from making them. Unfortunately, they can be the easiest ones to make.
Mistakes happen. If we use them to learn and make better choices, then we become better people. I think the whole point of everything is to be the best you can be and how would you know what that is if you never made the worst choices?

Ethan Brotnick

I teach piano, drums and guitar to six-year-olds and I can definitively say that this is not normal.

Ethan plays piano

Play Ball

Even I’m getting tired of the A-Rod lynching that is taking place now; he is taking heat in the New York media like I’ve never seen before. Can’t we just agree that the guy is a lying cheating scumbag and move on? This is the time of year where we should be amping up on spring training– not some ‘roids that this this fool put in his butt five years ago. Admittedly, we’ve known the guy is a punk for years and I felt some vindication beyond my personal Red Sox-Yankees rivalry issue when the story came out, but let’s move on. Let him live with his shame and his lies and his asterisked career, and get ready to play some baseball.
Can we get a little love for the World Baseball Classic? Why is the World Cup of Baseball relegated to nuisance status? Managers all complain that their teams suffer because of this biennial event, but they need to step back and recognize how amazing it is. Compared to the so-called “World Series” which includes teams from the U.S. and Canada, the WBC invites teams from around the world. It may be America’s Pastime, but the love for this sport extends to all corners. Forza Italia!


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