Free Time

      1. Compact - Supergood

Free Press

      1. Standing While Sitting - Supergood


      2. Operative - Supergood


      3. All Stars - Supergood


      4. Thirty Second Notes - Supergood


      5. Homer - Supergood


      6. Comimony - Supergood


      1. Paris and the Planet - Supergood


      2. Memorial - Supergood


      3. Covfefe - Supergood


Eight jams in one. 42:48 of my life.

      1. Melding - Supergood

Space Time Continuum

      1. Rob The Poor to Fatten The Rich - Supergood


      2. OHCYT - Supergood


      3. IT - Supergood


      4. Elven - Supergood


      5. Collusion - Supergood


      6. Bill of Evil - Supergood


      7. Acceptance - Supergood


My Brother, The Legend

Andrew is an artist and a scientist, entrepreneur and chef. He is an explorer and adventurer in the kitchen and his journeys and creations bring ecstasy to the palates of his many delighted customers. It is a joy to consume his food, but an even greater joy to watch him work; seeing his vision and technical procedure with insight into the molecular process the ingredients undergo towards the final presentation is a deeply pedagogical and inspiring experience. He has a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects related to his craft, from farming strategies and livestock handling to transportation and storage; from freezing for freshness as well as dessert, to heating lightly for tenderness or heavily for flavor and the infinite variety of flavor combinations from every available product, from the beautiful aesthetic final presentation and the neurological euphoria we experience when we eat great food to an appreciation of the social function of a feast, he ensures that when he assembles a meal, every detail is considered and the diners will be enchanted with the experience. We recently had the pleasure of spending Easter weekend with our whole family at his new home in Cumberland, Maine. While spending time with my favorite people on Earth, we enjoyed a stunning dinner prepared by the chef and were able to witness and assist in the process, which led to a meal that will never be forgotten — a joyous celebration of food and family and Love.

I have known Andrew’s cooking was special for many years. He has toiled long hours for his entire career behind the scenes in kitchens, preparing food for people who did not know him and could not possibly understand what went into their meal, so when he received the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Northeast last week, I was immensely happy for him. He cooks because he loves it and enjoys making people happy, but he deserves to be recognized for his skill and artistry. Winning this award permanently inscribes his name in the pantheon of chefs who have dedicated their lives to food and made contributions to the art. Amazingly, he is still ascending and has many more years and dishes ahead of him, guiding the food industry through a Golden Age and establishing restaurants in the vanguard of our cultural cuisine. Congratulations, Andrew Taylor, on your amazing award and noted respect from your peers; you are a gifted artist and the world is greater for your talents!

Aural Flow

Recent Real-Time Music Composition and Production:

      1. To His Face - Supergood


      2. Persist - Supergood


      3. Georgia Sixth - Supergood


      4. Below_Front - Supergood


      5. Above_Behind - Supergood


      6. Cheaters - Supergood


      7. Defenders - Supergood

Winning Winter

It has been months since I’ve been able to sit a write, partially due to a computer failure, and mostly due to a long stretch of work and life business. The high and lowlights from the Chill:

• Patriots win Super Bowl LI with impossible comeback. Down 28-3 with 2:00 left in the 3rd quarter, it looked bleak (and that was being optimistic). But some textbook mental toughness and Tom Brady being the greatest ever, they complete the most fantastic comeback in Super Bowl history. Legendary.

• I have been dealing with a Lyme disease diagnosis and have been through several rounds of anti-biotics. I was very sick and my right knee was wildly engorged and immobile for about a week before I went to the doctor and asked to be tested for Lyme. I spend a fair amount of time in The Hudson Valley, the Lyme disease capital of the world, and have pulled ticks off of my skin at various times, so I have been somehow expecting this affliction for years and have likely had a relatively mild case of it for quite a while. While the AB treatment was effective in resurrecting me from bedridden cripple, my knee has never fully recovered and I recently visited the preeminent expert on the disease, Dr. Zhang, who prescribed me herbs in pills and acupuncture. It is, unfortunately, something I will likely have to monitor indefinitely.

• Our president is a disgraceful embarrassment, hellbent on destroying our government, our environment, our health, our science, our education, and our Truth. All of this for the price of enriching himself and corporate profiteers. It is simply horrifying and we probably have not seen the bottom yet.

• But Skiing! Big snow and great skiing in Vermont and Utah! A couple of storms brought the goods to Vermont just in time for our arrival in February and we were able to enjoy a few days of skiing. Magic Mountain was nearly perfect and for the first time in 3 years, Black Chair was carrying people uphill. I even got to ski the never-open lift-line trail, Black Magic, which is as challenging as anything on a New England trail map. We spent a few hours on Sunday at Okemo with Ivy and she was actually managing to keep herself upright on her own skis, which was a dramatic improvement from our previous attempts and made me incredibly happy to be sharing time on the slopes with her! Monday (Presidents’ Day) we went for a family hike/skin/snowshoe on Mt. Ascutney, which was closed for years but has recently been acquired by the town and reopened with a free rope-tow and backcountry access. It is a perfect place for our family to explore with the kids in backpacks and I hope to spend more time there in the future!

And then Utah! Last winter, as I came to the realization that my ski season was truly sad and unfulfilling, attributable to a new baby and some of the consistently worst conditions the East has ever seen, I proposed that Alaina and I treat ourselves to a Western ski trip next year. After roping our parents into babysitting duties, we planned three days in the most accessible spot with some of the best mountains to play in: Salt Lake City. Snowbird is as steep and burly as any lift-served terrain in the world; Solitude and Brighton have endlessly varied terrain; Powder Mountain has zero frills and infinite vibe. All three days were 50 degree bluebird days with soft spring corn. While I may fantasize about storms of snow, the carefree weather that we received was truly ideal for this easy escape and perfect date trip.

Luckily, two days after we returned from our trip, a gigantic blizzard pulverized the Northeast and set up Stowe with four feet of snow, just in time for the annual Stoweravaganza. Saturday involved a backcountry tour with blissful, effortless turns through the trees followed by delightful apres-ski pizza and beers and music and friends in the greatest classic ski house I’ve ever seen. Sunday was Ivy’s day, and she skied with me, which is, again, as much happiness as I will ever experience on the slopes. I feel like I get to begin my ski life all over again, sharing this activity with her, and hopefully she will love it even a little bit as much as I do!

• It is now officially Spring and I can feel the warmth approaching rapidly. Windows are opening and spending time outside doesn’t require battle gear anymore. We are shifting modes and new activities are on the horizon. This Winter was challenging, painful, exciting, euphoric and beautiful. I look forward to tomorrow and every day I have remaining to enjoy this life fully!

New Era

Making music because I can.

      1. Unauguration - Supergood
      2. Press - Supergood
      3. Dimming - Supergood

The Movement

Today was incredible and deeply inspiring. The people appealed beautifully and powerfully for Women and against our newly inaugurated president, who has disrespected, disparaged and expressed disdain for the entire gender. After months of dark anxiety and absolute dejection, this was the only possible antidote; a rallying cry from millions of American patriots rejecting the fraud and deception now in the White House and demanding decency, respect and compassion for all people.

Alaina got on a bus this morning to be in D.C. for the main event, so I packed Ivy and Miles into the double stroller and, bearing through weekend-disrupted service on three subways in absolutely packed stairwells and cars, emerged from Grand Central into a great crush of humanity with purely positive energy; marching, chanting, singing while uniting in solidarity and commitment to the cause. It was instantly obvious that this massive and powerful engagement will ultimately overwhelm the evil forces currently attempting to steal our country. I, with my years of anti-war protests of the GWB era, was very impressed with the display, and I could tell that my children, who have obviously never seen anything like this, were absolutely amazed at the sheer glory of this event.

Personally, I always need to find something positive in anything negative. I seek balance in my life, and I have been dizzy and free-falling through this period, wondering what would catch me and when, how I could ever recover my personal peace, and why we now find ourselves in this position. I saw the answer today. I have no doubt that this movement will grow and save us, giving us firm ground to stand on in our battle for truth and justice, freedom and equality. We will recover from this crisis and rise to greater heights as a Liberal Democracy. I have never been more proud to be an American. With reverence to those who built our Nation and with duty to those for whom we will continue to build, I dedicate my soul to this progressive movement!