Supergood is Art and Art is Supergood.

Supergood is Music and Music is Supergood.

Supergood is Technology and Technology is Supergood.

Supergood is Family and Family is Supergood.

Supergood is Love and Love is Supergood.

Supergood é nato a Firenze nel 1999. At Middlebury College, Vermont, a guerilla art collective organized events, installed sculptures, and produced a full-scale production of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” in an abandoned dining hall. The .ORG ( was established in 2001 as an online collection of video, music and writing and the first live multimedia extravaganza “Supergood Reality” was performed in 2002. Supergood Work continues Today and Everyday.

Be Good. Supergood.

Stephen Jackson Taylor

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