Basement Studio

      1. Drywall - Supergood


Ever since Miles moved into the room formerly known as my music room, I have been pushing forward on a plan to build a soundproof studio in the basement. It has taken me about 18 months of very slow progress to construct a floor and walls and I am currently in the drywall phase. With great thanks to Land Bandmates Seth and Erik, I transported 24 sheets of 5/8″ drywall (probably 2000 lbs) to my front porch (full sheets won’t fit down the basement stairs), where it has been cut and attached to the wood and metal staggered stud Roxul-insulated frame. I still have a lot of work to do, but it is taking shape and I am really looking forward to moving in!

I have imposed a deadline of December 15, which marks my 40th Earth revolution of our sun.  That’s 51 days from now, and finishing the project completely seems ambitious given my construction rate to this point, but a functional space may be possible and would immediately fulfill a lifetime dream of mine.

December 15 is also the date of Supergood Reality: 40!, an audio-visual spectacular at ShapeShifter Lab. I will be celebrating four decades with spontaneous musical compositions and videos mixed from my personal collection with discussions throughout. It is a story about me but an ode to you.  Be there and surprise me.

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