1. Reform - Supergood


I hate to hate, but there is really no other word that describes my absolute wretched disgust for our president. Every action he takes is expressly counter to my deepest and most cherished morals and values; his entire agenda is based on destruction, division, chaos and fear. He is a domestic shame and an international terror and it is completely incomprehensible to me that he could be an elected leader or that anyone would support his presidency. It is simply indefensible.

Unfortunately, there is very little I can do to improve this situation externally, other than write about it here and state my extreme disapproval, so that everyone knows I do not endorse this evil in any way. Despite the daily anguish, I believe that we will find redemption on the other side, and that the end of this dark era will be joyful and inspiring. My hopes and dreams and attitude are the few aspects of my life that I do control completely and I choose to remain positive and imagine that our already and always great country and government will emerge stronger, more compassionate and united in our service to this planet and all of its inhabitants.

Fortunately, I can still enjoy my life!

And I can make music!

And I can love my family and friends and celebrate the infinite beauty in every moment.

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