England and Scotland

We just returned from an incredible Buckland family trip to the U.K., first visiting G and Grand in Dorset, followed by a two-day overland voyage through London, Glasgow and The Highlands to The Isle of Raasay, a remote island of The Inner Hebrides with ferry access from Isle of Skye. The  beauty escalated throughout the journey with stunning vistas in every direction; endless open fields, lochs and mountains jutting out of the Sea. And at the furthest reaches of pavement on Raasay, we settled into Arnish cottage, supplied electrically by Wind and Sun, and made it our base for exploring the region. Every day offered new hikes in unique terrain with phenomenal scenery and almost completely unspoiled solitude. There are a few dense forests on Raasay, but mostly the vegetation is ankle high and wide open, allowing long views and easy access to any point you can see. It is also a perfect venue for drone footage, which added altitude and exhilaration to our island exploration.

Here is a drone flight with music composed in the cottage:

I love to travel. It is wisdom and inspiration, challenge and growth, chaos and adventure. I was profoundly changed the first time I traveled abroad to Italy at 21 and knew immediately that while I would never be able to go everywhere, I needed to see as much somewhere as possible in my life. Since the advent of my children, traveling has transitioned from a simple and efficient backpack to strollers, car seats, pack n’ plays plus bricks of diapers and wipes, twice the wardrobe and two kids requiring constant responsibility and attention. But in the end, it’s even more rewarding to share this experience with wild and impressionable youth. I hope they get as much or more out of the adventure as I do and I look forward to many years traveling around the world and maybe beyond with my family!

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