My Brother, The Legend

Andrew is an artist and a scientist, entrepreneur and chef. He is an explorer and adventurer in the kitchen and his journeys and creations bring ecstasy to the palates of his many delighted customers. It is a joy to consume his food, but an even greater joy to watch him work; seeing his vision and technical procedure with insight into the molecular process the ingredients undergo towards the final presentation is a deeply pedagogical and inspiring experience. He has a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects related to his craft, from farming strategies and livestock handling to transportation and storage; from freezing for freshness as well as dessert, to heating lightly for tenderness or heavily for flavor and the infinite variety of flavor combinations from every available product, from the beautiful aesthetic final presentation and the neurological euphoria we experience when we eat great food to an appreciation of the social function of a feast, he ensures that when he assembles a meal, every detail is considered and the diners will be enchanted with the experience. We recently had the pleasure of spending Easter weekend with our whole family at his new home in Cumberland, Maine. While spending time with my favorite people on Earth, we enjoyed a stunning dinner prepared by the chef and were able to witness and assist in the process, which led to a meal that will never be forgotten — a joyous celebration of food and family and Love.

I have known Andrew’s cooking was special for many years. He has toiled long hours for his entire career behind the scenes in kitchens, preparing food for people who did not know him and could not possibly understand what went into their meal, so when he received the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Northeast last week, I was immensely happy for him. He cooks because he loves it and enjoys making people happy, but he deserves to be recognized for his skill and artistry. Winning this award permanently inscribes his name in the pantheon of chefs who have dedicated their lives to food and made contributions to the art. Amazingly, he is still ascending and has many more years and dishes ahead of him, guiding the food industry through a Golden Age and establishing restaurants in the vanguard of our cultural cuisine. Congratulations, Andrew Taylor, on your amazing award and noted respect from your peers; you are a gifted artist and the world is greater for your talents!

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