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Free Music

      1. Terium - Supergood


      2. Skinny - Supergood


      3. PB&Pretzels - Supergood


      4. Bird Bandshell - Supergood

Free Time

      1. Compact - Supergood

Free Press

      1. Standing While Sitting - Supergood


      2. Operative - Supergood


      3. All Stars - Supergood


      4. Thirty Second Notes - Supergood


      5. Homer - Supergood


      6. Comimony - Supergood


      1. Paris and the Planet - Supergood


      2. Memorial - Supergood


      3. Covfefe - Supergood


Eight jams in one. 42:48 of my life.

      1. Melding - Supergood

Space Time Continuum

      1. Rob The Poor to Fatten The Rich - Supergood


      2. OHCYT - Supergood


      3. IT - Supergood


      4. Elven - Supergood


      5. Collusion - Supergood


      6. Bill of Evil - Supergood


      7. Acceptance - Supergood


Aural Flow

Recent Real-Time Music Composition and Production:

      1. To His Face - Supergood


      2. Persist - Supergood


      3. Georgia Sixth - Supergood


      4. Below_Front - Supergood


      5. Above_Behind - Supergood


      6. Cheaters - Supergood


      7. Defenders - Supergood

New Era

Making music because I can.

      1. Unauguration - Supergood
      2. Press - Supergood
      3. Dimming - Supergood

In the Moment of Truth

      1. 12.11.16 11.11 - Supergood
      2. 12.09.16 11.24 - Supergood

I spend a few minutes preparing an Ableton Live set with a variety of sounds then I hit record and start tapping pads on Push. The result is five to twenty minutes of improvised composition. I enjoy listening to the recordings, but not quite as much as I enjoy making them. The process is stream-of-consciousness and meditative; I am listening and responding in the moment, which means I cease to think about anything else and become entranced by my creation. It is a journey and it is, temporarily, the sole focus of my existence. In many ways, these recordings are more honest and true than anything I do or say in my life, and I strive to do everything in my life by those pure standards. Music embodies the soul more than words ever can; I aspire to capture a little of that indescribable beauty and magic every time I play.

Making Meaningful Music

Despite the many forces I am powerless to, I am still in charge of my music! It is my greatest non-human interaction and every day I continue my quest to produce the best aural art I possibly can. I have certainly enjoyed creating these cathartic and therapeutic spontaneous compositions over the past month and will dedicate myself to making more out of pure love for the process.

      1. EPF - Supergood
      2. EPA - Supergood
      3. Procedural - Supergood
      4. dfshtvjacva - Supergood
      5. Birthday Eve - Supergood
      6. Birthday Day - Supergood
      7. Pre-Party - Supergood