Old Year/New Year

It’s been a fantastic month for the author. I threw myself a “surprise” 40th birthday party and played music and shared videos with some of the most important people in the world to me. It was the best birthday I’ve ever celebrated and I am truly excited about my forties! I feel like it will be a great decade for me and I look forward to looking back on it at 50!

We celebrated Christmas in Warwick, cutting down a 30 foot tree to serve as our centerpiece, then attended the annual Land Gang party in Westfield. I skied with Ivy at Mt. Peter then took three days to work on the basement studio, which is actually nearing completion! We drove North to Vermont for New Years and I skied three days: One day riding Red Chair at Magic, one day of snowmobile-aided back-country at a friend’s farm in Warren and one touring lap at defunct ski resort and recently opened back-country terrain Dutch Hill with Ivy on my back. A great start to the season!

The New Year is here and I will strive to make it the best one ever. After two weeks off, I’m back to teaching and vow to give everything I can to my students. The better I teach, the more I learn, and that, to me, is maybe the whole point.

Supergood Reality: 40


      1. Either/Or - Supergood


      2. Underneath - Supergood


I have temporarily set up musical apparatus in the under-construction basement studio in preparation for showtime on December 15!

Thanksgiving 2017

The greatest of all holidays for me, with a focus on food and family, providing an impetus to feast in finest company. We congregated in Cumberland, Maine with the entire Taylor Clan, from Mimi and Papa to the littlest Lucy and enjoyed a modern traditional spread from a James Beard award winner and his stellar chef de cuisine, who crafted some insanely tasty deserts! The cousins are entering perfect social play ages, creative, joyful and exuberant, while the grownups relax and wax nostalgic. It is truly one of my greatest pleasures to spend time with my family, and when the occasion arises to assemble the Brooklyn branch of the family tree with my parents, brother, sister and their respective accumulated members, it is bliss. To many more!

Basement Studio

      1. Drywall - Supergood


Ever since Miles moved into the room formerly known as my music room, I have been pushing forward on a plan to build a soundproof studio in the basement. It has taken me about 18 months of very slow progress to construct a floor and walls and I am currently in the drywall phase. With great thanks to Land Bandmates Seth and Erik, I transported 24 sheets of 5/8″ drywall (probably 2000 lbs) to my front porch (full sheets won’t fit down the basement stairs), where it has been cut and attached to the wood and metal staggered stud Roxul-insulated frame. I still have a lot of work to do, but it is taking shape and I am really looking forward to moving in!

I have imposed a deadline of December 15, which marks my 40th Earth revolution of our sun.  That’s 51 days from now, and finishing the project completely seems ambitious given my construction rate to this point, but a functional space may be possible and would immediately fulfill a lifetime dream of mine.

December 15 is also the date of Supergood Reality: 40!, an audio-visual spectacular at ShapeShifter Lab. I will be celebrating four decades with spontaneous musical compositions and videos mixed from my personal collection with discussions throughout. It is a story about me but an ode to you.  Be there and surprise me.


      1. Elimination - Supergood


I watched in grim horror as the US Men’s National Soccer Team booted away their invitation to the World Cup in 2018, losing 2-1 to the Trinidad & Tobago Soca Warriors (with a great team name, representing the proud music of the islands) while Panama and Honduras took care of their own business in the CONACAF Hexagonal Qualifier, scoring late goals to climb ahead of the US into the quadrennial tournament. I may spend more time devoted to my hometown Boston teams (and watching the Red Sox bounced out of the playoffs by the Astros was another stinger this week), but there is no sports victory I would like to witness more than a World Cup triumph for the Stars and Stripes. It would be transcendent to see the country unite for the only team that truly competes on a global stage. But alas, we will now have to wait at least another five years for that opportunity…


      1. Reform - Supergood


I hate to hate, but there is really no other word that describes my absolute wretched disgust for our president. Every action he takes is expressly counter to my deepest and most cherished morals and values; his entire agenda is based on destruction, division, chaos and fear. He is a domestic shame and an international terror and it is completely incomprehensible to me that he could be an elected leader or that anyone would support his presidency. It is simply indefensible.

Unfortunately, there is very little I can do to improve this situation externally, other than write about it here and state my extreme disapproval, so that everyone knows I do not endorse this evil in any way. Despite the daily anguish, I believe that we will find redemption on the other side, and that the end of this dark era will be joyful and inspiring. My hopes and dreams and attitude are the few aspects of my life that I do control completely and I choose to remain positive and imagine that our already and always great country and government will emerge stronger, more compassionate and united in our service to this planet and all of its inhabitants.

Fortunately, I can still enjoy my life!

And I can make music!

And I can love my family and friends and celebrate the infinite beauty in every moment.


Space jams.

      1. Enceladus - Supergood


      2. Titan - Supergood


      3. Cassini - Supergood


      4. Saturn - Supergood


The Cassini spacecraft is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Any projectile that reaches beyond our atmosphere excites me in a way that no other earthly conquest can move me. The information retrieved from this traveler is completely unbelievable to me – I literally have no way to personally corroborate it. The photos and videos might as well be digitally designed because it exists only in the farthest realms of visualization. And Saturn is only one of the planets in our solar system, which is one of billions in the universe. A hexagonal hurricane on it’s North Pole? MINDBLOWING!


England and Scotland

We just returned from an incredible Buckland family trip to the U.K., first visiting G and Grand in Dorset, followed by a two-day overland voyage through London, Glasgow and The Highlands to The Isle of Raasay, a remote island of The Inner Hebrides with ferry access from Isle of Skye. The  beauty escalated throughout the journey with stunning vistas in every direction; endless open fields, lochs and mountains jutting out of the Sea. And at the furthest reaches of pavement on Raasay, we settled into Arnish cottage, supplied electrically by Wind and Sun, and made it our base for exploring the region. Every day offered new hikes in unique terrain with phenomenal scenery and almost completely unspoiled solitude. There are a few dense forests on Raasay, but mostly the vegetation is ankle high and wide open, allowing long views and easy access to any point you can see. It is also a perfect venue for drone footage, which added altitude and exhilaration to our island exploration.

Here is a drone flight with music composed in the cottage:

I love to travel. It is wisdom and inspiration, challenge and growth, chaos and adventure. I was profoundly changed the first time I traveled abroad to Italy at 21 and knew immediately that while I would never be able to go everywhere, I needed to see as much somewhere as possible in my life. Since the advent of my children, traveling has transitioned from a simple and efficient backpack to strollers, car seats, pack n’ plays plus bricks of diapers and wipes, twice the wardrobe and two kids requiring constant responsibility and attention. But in the end, it’s even more rewarding to share this experience with wild and impressionable youth. I hope they get as much or more out of the adventure as I do and I look forward to many years traveling around the world and maybe beyond with my family!


Summer = Concerts

I have had a delightful run of shows recently that warrant recognition. Prospect Park has been ripe with great offerings and I have seen several bands that really impressed me. Poliça and Yeasayer kicked off my season, Sufjan Stevens assembled a supergroup to perform his audiovisual opus, “Planetarium”, Andrew Bird’s looping violin entranced (although I was slightly distracted by my children, who were loving the late bedtime and large roaming range on the lawn with kids of all ages), Admiral T from Guadeloupe brought French dancehall and West Indian flavor (with bootleg rum punch making the rounds), while last night offered up a truly memorable experience with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, featuring the original lineup of Wooten Brothers on bass and synth-ax drumitar and Howard Levy rejoining after 25 years to bring his harmonica wizardry back to the group. Each of these musicians is the best on their respective instruments that I have ever seen and the compositions are technical showcases for their jaw-dropping feats. Two of these Park adventures continued for a nightcap at Barbes, where I saw a fantastic 70s style Latin-American Cumbia group, Money Chicha, and a great blues/funk/soul/horned-up ensemble Gato Loco.

I even had a throwback night at Madison Square Garden with Phish, night nine of the Baker’s Dozen run. Although my hardcore dedication has waned through the years, I still feel deeply connected to this quartet. From my first encounter with a bootleg Somerville Theatre ’91 tape on the bus with Greg – You Enjoy Myself – I was hooked forever. As I write this, I am listening to a high quality live stream of tonight’s show on Mixlr, which seems to be the natural evolution of the taper culture and band philosophy. While Phish and phans may be rooted in history and nostalgia, they are locked into the Now more than any other band I can think of; they are unpredictable and always full of surprises, making every show suspenseful. (Just as I wrote that sentence they broke into a cover of Radiohead’s “Everything In It’s Right Place” and I actually said “Woah” out loud to myself). They are the most creative musical group that I have had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand and I feel lucky to have been inspired by them for the last 25 years.